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As important as deciding where your cruise will take you; is selecting your accommodation on board. Always popular, cruise ship vacations have a huge range of things to do. However, we all need a retreat, so ensuring you have somewhere comfortable to head to each day is key.

Depending on your style, you may actually spend a great deal of time in your room. A cruise is essentially a luxurious way to see a range of locations and ports. Many cruise ships actually play a central role in the attractions these days, with great onboard entertainment and dining. The large number of activities is seemingly only bettered by the number of cabin options available!

Whilst you may not intend to waste too much time in your cabin, it is always nice to know you have a relaxing retreat to escape to should the feeling take you… Or perhaps you just want to finish that chapter?

The first cabin type to discuss is the least expensive; Inside Cabins. Whilst not having any outside space, or even a window, these are excellent for the younger crowd who just want a “crash pad”. All fundamental needs are catered for, so these can be an excellent introduction for the first timer too.

These Standard Cabins are well appointed too; though some may not get on with having to rely only on a shower throughout their vacation.

Inside Cabins on cruise ships are also available with the addition of a window or porthole. Slightly more expensive, the view given is nothing more than the sea itself. It does of course allow you to be aware of the outdoor light.

For those wanting to have more of a sea-faring experience; Veranda or Balcony Cabins would probably be an ideal choice. These are bigger in size than Inside Cabins., and of course afford an outside space.

These are an excellent choice for couples, and it is lovely to be able to sit on the balcony and read a book, or enjoy a glass of wine together. Private sunbathing can be done on some ships, but the balconies are not all that private often!

Next in the range are the ‘Suites’. These come in a range of their own; each with suitably grand names depending on their benefits. As well as having a greater floor space and full bathroom facilities, they also give access to larger terraces. If you really want to treat yourself, many luxury cruise ships offer a Butler service with certain Suites.

Whilst deciding which cabin type to go for, you will also need to consider the location on board. This is very much a personal choice, and each location has its pros and cons regards severity of motion, views, engine noise disruption and so forth.

The cabin type you opt for on cruise ships will definitely affect how much you enjoy your vacation. However, life on an ocean wave is great fun, (when you don’t have to do any work), wherever you stow yourself.

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