Will there been any airlines left standing after the recession? Bookmark and Share

All of the worlds airlines combined have lost a total of almost 4 billion pounds (7.6 billion dollars). The Recession is taking a huge toll on the Airway industry, keeping up is becoming very difficult. So how are they going to cope, well quite simply some of them won’t be able to.

On the 2nd of September 2009, Sky Europe was the next airline to announce it’s bankruptcy. They basically told everyone that everything had to come to a halt, no more flights, even for those already on holiday. Now they are all stranded on holiday if they went with Europe Sky. They are all expected to find their own way home, as the airline has ceased flying. So now they must await their insurance company to pay for a return flight, or they will have to get their own.

What happens after all this though? Is there going to be a massive meltdown, and all of the worlds Airlines will just crumble. It already looks as though they cannot handle the recession. However we have only been hearing about the airlines that have made losses, does this mean that the quiet ones are not doing quite so badly? Airlines like Virgin have been very quite, but maybe it’s because they have other businesses supporting them. In fact they appear to be interested in joining up with another airline.

Could this mean that in thirty or fifty years, there will be one world wide airline? Could it be possible that another airline could takeover all of the failing ones. So what about just having one worldwide airline that controls all of them? The only problem is that if one airline controlled the skies, it would be a massive responsibility; it almost feels like a step towards world domination.

However this is all a way off and may not even happen, but let’s talk about now, what are you doing for you’re Christmas holidays, will you be off to the Caribbean on St Lucia holidays or Barbados holidays?


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