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Holidays are something that both relaxes and revives people. It is a time to awaken your senses and recharge your batteries, as after all you spend most of your week working a 9 to 5 job you deserve to take a break now and then. Some people prefer to take holidays that keep them fit and active, so as not worry about relaxing without and piling on the pounds. One of the most popular activity holidays is skiing in France. This has been enjoyed by many people for many years, and welcomes people of all ages to take part. Go to Sports Holidays for more information.

Amongst the popular destinations is Meribel, ski holidays here , which is situated in the middle of the Three Valleys in the Alps. This was discovered by a British man, who kick-started the trend for many more of his compatriots to visit. Meribel has over 200 lifts and approximately 600km of piste and off piste skiing. There is also a separate snowboarding area making it accessible to people looking for something different.

It also welcomes people of various abilities, making Meribel ski holidays a place to go for young people, families, beginners, intermediates and professional skiers. There are plenty of ski instructors who are English speaking, which will make it less intimidating for beginners to learn and pick up this skill. For people looking for a bit more of an in-depth teaching and one-to-one coaching, there are also skiing schools available; however, these tend to be expensive but is money well spent.

Avid skiers will know that Meribel does not only offer skiing as a recreational sport, but also holds international sporting events and competition. During these seasons, a massive amount of people crowds the slope making it near impossible for you to enjoy your holiday. However, avid ski fans will be sure to watch this event, as many people from all corners of the world are sure to be taking part or at the very least watching. Refer to Tailor Made Holidays for more information.

There are several different areas to Meribel, which is why it attracts a wide range of people of all levels. Nearer the towns’ area are impressive luxury homes and apartments that house the locals and some holidaymakers. Outside of the town is Meribel village, which also house many luxury apartments and ski chalets. This was only developed two years ago and offers tourists a good place to reside in temporarily.

Visitors have the choice of staying in a budget accommodation or a luxury ski chalet; however, there are also available luxury apartments for people looking for a bit more independence. Renting an apartment will mean that very often you will not have an in-house cleaner and everything will be self-service. Staying in ski chalets will give you some independence but also cleaning service, so there will be little to worry about in terms of the up-keep of your accommodation.

As Meribel is a town filled with lots of different activities, not just skiing and snowboarding you will find yourself walking to different places on a daily basis making it possible for you to stay active and fit even when you don’t feel like skiing. Ski holidays are generally good for toning and keeping a nice physique, which is why many people prefer to go during the winter period to escape the winter blues and find a fun way of exercising. Visit Group Sport Holidays for further information.


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  1. Phil on August 18th, 2009 9:58 am

    When you think of exercise skiing isn’t exactly what comes to mind first, but it is a great work out that is by far one of the most fun forms of exercise. Its also great because you get less sweaty with the wintry air cooling you as you move.

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