When you try a long haul holiday, do you lose all feeling in your legs? Bookmark and Share

Are you on your way to a distant land? Some of us do like to travel for hours on a plane, but no matter who you are, everyone will at some point experience what I like to call a dead leg. There is always going to be an issue where you have been sitting on a plane for so long that your legs just start to give in.

So i have collated a few tips down here for you to review. After the plane has settled and the seat belt lights go off, try going for a walk around. The Air stewards won’t keep you confined to your seat (unless there is some turbulence) so try to walk around, even trips to the toilet are good for your legs. Instead of just sitting down, you can also stand up and stretch a bit, you may get a few funny looks but this is one of the best ways to prevent thrombosis as well.

You can also try some muscle relaxants, now this may sound extreme, but it can help increase blood flow around the body, even chocolate has this relaxant property (not in excessive proportions). Blood circulation is the main issue here, so to avoid any unpleasant “leg failures” try not to cross your legs or fold them, this can cut off circulation, spread them out in front of you as much as possible.

These flights can take a strain on anyone, they can even cause stress, tiredness and extreme boredom. If you can get a good few hours sleep on a long flight, then your body will relax and shut down slightly, meaning that you don’t require to pump as much blood around your body. Sleeping does work very effectively.

If you’re looking for Las Vegas holidays, you will probably be having a long flight, make sure you get some sleep. New York holidays are very popular holidays, but a long flight is usually quite annoying, just try the above tips.



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