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There are limitless possibilities for a sailing vacation. Luxury boat charters range from small sailboats to enormous powerboats to suit every price range and individual need. Rather than be a slave to cruise ship itineraries, a crewed yacht charter works to serve you, the client, taking you to any island, port of call or body of water your heart desires.

You can sleep and eat on your boat or stop on land to explore. Not all yacht charters cost a fortune, either. Choosing sailing yachts will make your time more unique regardless of where you’re going be it Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or the Indian Ocean.. Before you take off you need to consider a few things.

Do you want to be a skipper? This is an important consideration when thinking of a private boat charter. If the answer is “yes,” then be prepared to hand over your boating resume to the charter company, which includes several years of experience sailing the size and type of boat you intend to charter. At www.ebare.com, you can take an assessment to see if you are ready for smooth sailing and to see what your options are if you are not quite prepared.

You may need to take a few boating and safety courses before being allowed to hold supreme power aboard your private yacht. You may have to show your knowledge on the day of your charter as some companies like to test this on a demo cruise. If you flunk the demo, then the company will place a captain aboard your vessel. If, on the other hand, you pass your demo, then congratulations! You will be commanding your first bareboat charter.

Not everyone is keen on the idea of being responsible for the safety of their guests, plotting the entire route and actually sailing the ship. If you are looking for a more laid-back, hassle-free boating experience, then crewed yacht boat charters is more your speed. You will pay extra for your own captain, skipper, crew and chef, but your beds will be made every morning, your table set, your meals made, your laundry cleaned and your quarters cleaned. You will have access to the combined expertise of the crew who will be happy to assist you in planning shore excursions or participating in water activities. The crew quarters are separate, so most of the time you will feel like you’re alone on the boat. The food is most always sumptuous and tailored to your preferences.

You can decide on the cost of boat charters. To make the trip more affordable, many beginners chose to share sailing yachts with a few other couples. Affordable trips can also be taken in a flotilla fleet, which offers a good middle-ground for relatively inexperienced sailors who still crave the privacy of their own boat.

Smaller boats, sailboats and off-season trips all offer deep discounts. Choosing an all-inclusive sailing vacation is a good way to prevent overspending on port stops, food or other unanticipated expenses. As you travel more and more, you will soon be ready to command your own boat, sail on luxury yacht charters or throw an extravagant party aboard a crewed yacht charter!


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