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I was reading the news about the Turkish aeroplane that crashed in Amsterdam, a truly horrific experience for all of those involved I am sure. I would say that I travel in an aeroplane on average six times every year and I am quite worried each and every time. It is the sense and the knowing that I am not in control of the situation. It is the fact that I do not want to be involved in any form of scary experience, who does? I try and convince myself that travelling by aeroplane is the safest form of travel, or so they say, and that it is the only logical way to reach my desired destination but this does little to calm the nerves. In this article I will be providing an idea that would not only make aero travel safer but would also ensure that the experience for all concerned was far less stressful.

I am not an aviation expert and I do not work within that particular industry. My area of expertise lies within offering a stuttering therapy course and I also work on a project with a DVD authoring specialist, this is something that is very much sought after in a recession, and also with a project which provides jobs in foster care.

My idea would be to create a huge parachute which would be deployed if and when required. If for example there was a fire in one of the engines or smoke in the cockpit, then the pilot could deploy the parachute which would enable the aeroplane to calmly fall to the ground below. With the aid of the landing gear this would then be a relaxed, perhaps even enjoyable, solution to the problem.

The pilot would of course need to make the decision as to where it would be safe to deploy the parachute but this in fairness should be a fairly logical decision to make.

So what are the potential problems with creating such a parachute? Well to start with is the sheer weight and size of an average aeroplane and secondly would be the cost involved. In reality I would be happy to pay an additional amount if I knew that the aeroplane that I was travelling in had a parachute and I am sure that many other people would as well. As for the problematic design requirements I am fairly confident that there is a genius out there who could find a solution, what is more if they could there name would go down in history and they would become extremely wealthy, virtually over night.


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