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A great experience is visiting the Art Cities in Italy. Blessed with the patronage of a papal representative or ducal family, art treasures in Italy were concentrated in many small capitals consisting of dozens of principalities.

Because of this,these cities are now treasure seekers delights filled with remarkable works of art in every form at many different types of structures. Besides the popular cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice, you can find great art in all types of cities in Italy including such places as Verona and Pisa.

A great place we recommend for more information about holidays in Italy is lonely planet or Frommers.

Candle lights and Italian food can make for a very romantic meal. Dining out is perhaps one of the most treasured of Italian pastimes. No matter how many times you’ve had pizza or lasagna in your lifetime, it won’t even come close to the real thing you’ll find in Italy. All geographic areas have their own tradition which have been around for decades. While in Italy, dine outside and you could be viewing a piazza or church and it is truly heaven on earth. Good eating!

Going to Mass in St. There are few things that can compare with the majesty of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy except for a select group of historic landmarks in Jerusalem. Peter’s is the most famous and important building in all of Christendom located in the Vatican. Some people say the highlight of their whole lives was attending mass here.


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  1. kishan on September 10th, 2017 6:16 am

    Ager mujhe Italy dwara bulaya gaya ho aur usne mere sath cheet kiga ho tab mai phir Italy SE India wapas kaise AA paunga

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