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14th June – Venice

Venice does indeed stink, the minute we opened our balcony door our nasal senses were attacked by the worst smell ever! My tummy still bad, but there is no way I am going to miss my gondola ride. We must have got to Venice late because it took such a long time getting off – we were at least an hour behind schedule. Met our tour guide on the motor boat and I trapped my ankle underneath the gangplank of the motor boat. OUCH! Anyway, firstly she took us to a church called St George – it was massive, and beautiful – it had the original painting of the last supper – not the one we know, but a lot more chaotic. See who says holidays are not educational!

Also the bones of my saint St Stephen were there but we did not see them. Got back on the boat and went to see Glass Blowing at Mourano which is the thing that Laura wanted to see the most. The man made a vase and a lovely horse. We bought Laura a sweet little pig (a lot more expensive than it would be anywhere else but a souvenir has to come from the right place, or its just something you bought in a normal shop isn’t it!) Then we got back onto the boat and were taken to where the gondolas were. We shared a boat with a couple from Birmingham. It must be fun travelling around in a little boat instead of a car. Lots of people live down what looks like back lanes. Have to say, despite what people say about Venice being expensive; this “real” gondola was a damn sight cheaper than the one in Las Vegas, and a lot longer too.

Bought Laura a darling sun umbrella made of Venetian lace, she need it the sun was cracking the pavement and there were plenty of red faces to be found. Back on the motorboat to Ocean Village. The minute I reached the room I started with a pig of a headache. Had to close all the curtains and lie in a darkened room for the afternoon. Laura found me some strong painkillers donated very kindly by our neighbour (who we met in Korcula) Slept all afternoon until about 7pm, which meant of course that I missed the trip down the grand canal – and all the interesting stuff was on our side of the boat this time – typical. But when you are sick you are sick eh!

Luckily Paul had taped it so I did get to watch it that way (Lucky for you too, the video is on Youtube and linked to from this website). Thankfully felt a little bit better so we all got ready and went to The Bistro. James Martin was on board tonight cooking for us, we watched him on the livecam and then he came out to meet customers and our waiter made sure he came over to see us. Laura got her picture taken with him. I don’t think that he must come on the ship very often considering the fuss the ship is making about the fact that he is on board. Had a lovely dinner, all different fancy pants dining that I have never had before such as seafood medley/lobster bisque, fab steak followed by lemon tart. But I must have still been poorly because I had to leave very quickly and get back to my room sharpish! Another day off food tomorrow I think. Watched a bit of TV and then fell asleep.


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