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Kansas City is a terrific travel destination. If you are up for a cultural, fun, outdoor vacation, there are many attractions in Kansas City and nearby areas in both the state of Kansas and Missouri that you will love. If you like the outdoors, there are many activities as well as hiking trails for your enjoyment. You should check out the Kansas City events calendar prior to your trip because there are many fun events happening in Kansas City almost every week. People in Kansas City love to hang out in the sun. If you like to camp, there are plenty of camp sites that are really affordable and popular. You can enjoy nature, spot wildlife and watch birds.

Since there are always lots of Kansas City MO events, it is not surprising to see many tourists and visitors around holiday times in Kansas City area. If you plan to travel to Kansas City by air, then there is the big Kansas City International Airport that is a little North of Kansas City. It is a large airport with lots of airlines traveling to lots of different cities. There are stores inside the airport but not many and they are not large stores. If you need to do real shopping, you probably would not want to do it at the KC airport. If you are traveling from Kansas City, you should arrive approximately two hours before your flight but often there is not much traffic at the airport so arriving just a little over an hour before your morning flight is most likely sufficient.

There are plenty of hiking trails and public parks all over Kansas City that are free for anyone to use. Many people hike in Kansas City to exercise. Camp grounds can be spotted all over Kansas City Missouri and on the Kansas side too. In the Summer, parents usually take their children camping. Schools also have camping trips where children usually learn survival skills and have lots of fun. Kansas City is not the only city in the MidWest with lots of things happening. If you look at event calendars in the Kansas City area, you will see that there are also many Lawrence KS events, Overland Park events, Lee’s Summit events, Raytown events and much more.

The weather in Kansas City varies a lot throughout the year. In the Summer, it can get too hot and humid. This year, the temperature reached over 100 degrees a few days in the Summer. In the Winter, it can get very cold. It usually starts snowing in November or early December and may not stop snowing until late March.



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