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There are only 3 main flights from Miami to Cape Town South Africa. These are The South African Airways, Delta Airlines and British Airways. None of them offer a direct flight as they all have to stop at least twice before reaching their destination.

Some of the cities these flights fly via include Washington, Johannesburg, New York, Baltimore and Johannesburg. With each stop you have to switch flights but this is normal for long flights.

South African Airways

Destined for South Africa it leaves Miami at 13.25hrs and makes its first stop in Washington Dulles arriving at around 16.05hrs. After about 90 minutes it takes off this time heading for Johannesburg where it arrives at 15:50 the following day.

It then departs for its final destination Cape Town at about 17.40hrs and arriving at approximately 1950hrs, the whole journey is about 20 hrs long

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines lives Miami at 06:00 and flies to Baltimore. Having arrived at 10.34hrs it will leave at 11.00hrs going New York. It gets there at about 12:10 and takes off at 16:00 heading straight for Cape Town South Africa.

This flight is longer than the South African Airways i.e. it’s a 23 hour flight.

British Airways

British Airways will leave Miami heading for London at 20.50hrs and will arrive the next day at 10.05hrs. There is quite a long stretch of waiting here as the new flight that you are switched to only takes off at 17:50 and flies to Johannesburg

It gets there at 06:35 on the second day. The connecting flight to Cape town will leave at 09.00hrs and arrive at 11.10hrs. The total time for this journey is 2hrs better than the Delta Airlines time, it is 21 hrs.

If you are going to be comparing prices then South African Airways comes out as the cheapest.You will be able to access current airfares and ways you can book your travel tickets from one of the these:


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