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The majesty of Turkey is evident in its culture, history, food, and economy.

Turkey claims, with some justification, to be the Cradle of Civilization; though it is possible that the profusion of Greek and Roman ruins and archaeological sites scattered across Anatolia may simply be evidence of endemic inability to repel invading armies.

Turkey also contains a variety of sites sacred to three major religions as well as invaluable cultural and artistic remnants of multiple early civilizations including the ancient Greeks, the Byzantines, and the Ottoman Empire.
But, while most tourist brochures focus on archaeological ruins and artistic masterpieces, few devote the appropriate space to the magnificence of Turkey’s Mediterranean, its self-indulgent pleasures (try to pretend that you are relaxing in a warm mud bath!)or a selection of activities for the nature and sports lovers.

Turkey is an uncommon country, not spoiled and jaded, still in wonder that so many people come from many countries to explore the culture.

It is a strange sight to the foreigners who are not used to the short wearing,camera carrying loudmouths of tourists.

Turks welcome visitors with great generosity. This from a people whose language has no word for “bitter” and who are so poor that 80% of them are unable to afford meat. You can never claim to have seen generosity until you experience Turkish hospitality.

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