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Traveling and seeing the world –or at least the country you live in– is one of the greatest joys in life. As a passionate traveler, I make taking an annual trip a priority– I simply need it for my sanity. But as a person with a budget to follow, I also have to consider how much I spend. One of my favorite ways to save money on vacation? To forego the hotel and stay in a self-catering apartment instead. Go to Luxury Holiday Accommodation for more information.

But staying in an apartment does more than save you money on your nightly rate. It saves you dough in a bunch of other ways… and comes with plenty of other benefits, as well. Thinking about taking a vacation? Read on for the top ten reasons to choose a self-catering apartment instead of a hotel.

1. They’re cheaper. First things first, right? Your average self-catering apartment is generally quite a bit cheaper than your average hotel. Vacation apartments are normally rented directly from the owner; the “rent” you pay goes straight into the owner’s pocket. Without having to pay for a staff and special facilities and services and middlemen, the overhead is much lower; and apartment owners tend to pass those savings on to you.

2. They’re roomier. For me, the worst part about traveling is being cooped up in a 125 square foot (if I’m lucky) room with another person for a week. By the end of that week, I generally want to murder whoever I’m traveling with. But with apartments, you get enough space to get away from your travel-mate and get a little much-needed time to yourself.

3. They have more stuff. Unless you’re willing to pay an arm and a leg for a fancy hotel room (in which case saving money probably isn’t a big priority anyway), hotels are all the same. They give you your funny little tuck-away hair drier, your little bottle of shampoo/shower gel in one, and a tiny (and expensive) mini bar. But self-catering apartments are actual apartments– meaning at one point they were meant to be lived in. This means you get a full-sized bathroom and bedroom, and all the amenities of a real apartment, often including a DVD player, a microwave, and sometimes a computer with internet, allowing you to check your internet dating mailbox as often as you like.

4. You can cook for yourself. Maybe you hate to cook, and hotels give you an excuse not to. But if you don’t mind cooking up an occasional meal and eating it in your apartment, self-catering apartments can save you a ton of money on food costs while you’re on vacation.

5. It’s like you live there. One of my very favorite things about staying in a self-catering apartment it that it makes me feel less like a tourist. Sure, I spend the day touring around the city. But at night I go home to my apartment with a bottle of local wine and cheese, just like anybody else. Instead of being surrounded by other tourists, you’re more often surrounded by locals, making for a more authentic experience. Refer to Durban Accommodation for more information.

6. You’re anonymous. Perhaps I’m just freakishly self-conscious, but I’ve always been a little bothered by the scrutiny I receive in hotels– especially small ones. If I come home late and giggling after a few too many drinks, I always wonder if I’ll be judged the next morning. Or if I’m in a rush and leave the room a mess, I always feel a little guilty. With an apartment, you generally get a level of privacy and anonymity that’s just wonderful– especially for ultra-private people like me.

7. They have more life. I’m not going to lie: some vacation apartments are dull and boring and furnished with the cheapest stuff available at the local Ikea. But most vacation apartments are lively and personal. I’ll never forget that apartment in Berlin full of funky original art… including several nude sculptures in the bathroom.

8. You can travel in groups. Whether you want to travel with friends or family for fun, or because you want to save money, vacation apartments are the best way to do it. Instead of paying through the nose for adjoining hotel rooms, you can find a two, three, or even five or six bedroom apartment (or house). And the more people come along, the more money you save.

9. You live on your time. When you’re home and living your regular life, you have to get up at a certain time, be to work at a certain time, and have a schedule mapped out for you. It shouldn’t be that way when you’re on vacation; but too often, it is. When you have a scheduled breakfast and/or dinner, you have to plan your day on the hotel’s terms rather than your own. But with an apartment, your time is yours– and you can do what you like, when you like.

10. Longer is better– and easier. I have a firm belief that one long weekend in a sardine-can of a hotel room can make or break a relationship. So if you’re going on your first trip with a new partner you met at an internet dating site –or even with your long term boyfriend or girlfriend– staying in a large and fully equipped apartment means you can stay longer. You have plenty of space and amenities, so you don’t have to have the kind of rushed and exhausting trip that will put even more pressure on your relationship. Visit Self catering durban for further information.


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