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Here Are some very vital tips for cruise travelers to take with them on that next cruise holidays.

Get on board with a bag.

Going on a cruise holidays is not like air travel where you can collect your bag once you land. Your bag may not reach you until after dinner. That is why you have to pack a handbag with your essential items like some cloths for changing and toiletries.

Walk around and know your surroundings.

Entering your cruise ship is like entering a new home. Only here, it is huge with many different rooms for various activities. In order to really get to enjoy your stay and holiday, you have to explore your new surroundings.

Stay away from elevators.

At the busy times of the day like mealtimes, avoid the elevators and take a walk. At this time of the day there are people everywhere, hungry, in a hurry and queuing for an elevator is just going to make your mood worse. Taking a walk to your destination lets you arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy yourself.

Consider fellow passengers at night.

Always remember that you are not alone. There are other people also enjoying the cruise like you. So be considerate of other people feelings especially at night. Don’t go having a loud party, shouting or slamming doors. Generally, don’t be noisy.

Don’t display your jewelry.

You will want to be cautious when using jewelry on board. Too much display of expensive jewelry only draws undue attention to yourself. Discretion is the thing.

Be kind.

Be kind to the staff of the cruise ship and you will surely get a better service. Most staff on the cruise are lowly paid and they appreciate greatly little kindness in the form of tips given to them.

Cruise travel duty free shopping.

You can do duty free shopping while you are on the cruise ship. This is like duty free shopping on an airline or airport. Be careful in what you buy. Some items are not allowed into certain countries, including your country. For example, food items and organic materials. It will be very disappointing to buy something only to have it disallowed entry into your country.

Plan Ahead.

The idea of a cruise holiday is great. But you need to do some advanced planning. For example you will want to investigate the cruise ship company, note what you want to do on the ship and while you go ashore.


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