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The word “vacation” may stir up thoughts of beach resorts and tropical weather in your mind. But have you ever wanted to ride a horse or wrangle a bull? To be fair, not many people think of such vacations right off the bat. Did you friend ever try to dissuade you from going to a beach resort? Only the adventurous would tell you to try something new and head for open fields, campfire songs, and horse shoe tosses. But believe it or not, dude ranches sure can make for a great vacation. Perhaps you are looking for something a little more adventurous and a little less listless like lying on the beach, or simply spending a whole afternoon in the spa (as relaxing as that can be), and if that’s that case, a ranch may be your answer.

First off, disregard any preconceived notions about taking a vacation on a ranch. A trip to one of these ranches may be just what a person needs to escape office pressures and the various duties of running a household. The activities are so abundant and the food so hearty, it is an especially great getaway for a family or even a romantic couple looking to try something new. Ranches may be a dream come true for someone who loved Westerns as a kid. Also, it is a great place for kids, especially the rambunctious kind. These ranches give people a chance to experience the West as it once was. With such broad hospitality and a wide variety of energizing activities, a trip to one of these off the road ranches can do wonders.

The number of ranches in the country are so numerous that it will be no trouble at all to find the nearest one to you. Montana dude ranches, for instance, have some of the best attractions around. Don’t be put off by the worries stranding yourself in the middle of no where with a half-hearted host. With howdy accents and dedicated staff members that seem to form a welcoming family for guests, the authenticity truly shines through, making for a truly rewarding experience.

Make some time and try going to a ranch at some point. You may find out that it was just what you needed.


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