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When you are looking forward to taking a cruise, you often see various cruises from one line aboard the various ships they have in operation. Take Princess cruise lines for example. There are many Princess cruise ships in operation so you may be wondering the differences between the Sea Princess cruise ship and the Golden Princess cruise ship. For one, the ships often go to different destinations. However, the ships themselves will have differences. For instance, one may be bigger than the other, there may be a rock climbing wall on one while the other has none, and other differences that may make you choose one over the other. If you’re interested in a particular ship, such as the Sea Princess cruise ship, it’s recommended that you do your research before you book so that you know what you’re getting.

Contact The Cruise Line

The better choice would be to contact the cruise line directly. If you’re talking about the Sea Princess cruise ship, call Princess Cruises and ask them what’s so special about this ship. They may tell you that the Sea Princess cruise ship is the newest ship in operation at Princess cruises, that it only visits certain ports, that it has two pools, a rock climbing wall and more. The cruise line will know all the intricacies of a ship like the Sea Princess cruise ship and they will be the ones to ask if you have any questions.


However, the cruise line is unlikely to tell you of any problems regarding a ship like the Sea Princess cruise ship. For that, you’re better off going online to see what people think of it. Just do a search of Sea Princess cruise ship and you’ll likely get all the information you require. You should also visit where you can find out if the Sea Princess cruise ship has had any incidents you may want to know about such as deaths, fires, etc.

The bottom line, though, is that Princess Cruise lines is one of the best in the industry so no matter which ship you choose, you’ll definitely have a great time. But if you’re still wondering, go online or call the cruise lines to find out all about the ship you’ll be traveling on so that there are no surprises and so that you know what you’re paying for. However, if you’re one who likes to be surprised, just leave it up to fate as you’re sure to enjoy your time on the Sea Princess cruise ship or any other ship within the Princess line.

About Author: Reinhard Hueber is the Managing Director of Self Drive New Zealand – a company that has been providing incredible self drive tours in New Zealand for over 10 years.


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