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While the Canary Islands are still part of Spain, they are located much closer to Africa than they are to the Spanish mainland.

In the Atlantic Ocean there are seven islands which are located south of the Iberian Peninsula by approximately 1350 kilometres. Morocco is their closest neighbour (Ninety-Five km E. of Fuerteventura) climates are wonderful all year round temperatures rarely below 18c in winter and 24c in the summer

The Canaries are also known as “The Land of Eternal Spring”. Vacations in the sub-tropical countries are great because of its sunny and dry weather all year round. There’s little doubt why over ten million global travelers migrate to these lands annually!

There are five main hot vacation islands of the archipelago which include: La Palma,Tenerife,Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote and the two smaller unsettled islands of Hierro and Gomera.

Underneath the Atlantic Ocean rest the islands which are the apex of a large volcanic mountain limit. The presence of seven of Spain’s main natural reserves is a testament to the exceptional beauty of the Canaries.

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