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In Sausalito, California, retail yacht brokers like Sandy Carney (Newport), Angela Connery (Salem) and Mary Crowley (Ocean Voyages) are looking over dozens of crewed yacht charters for just the right captains, crews, chefs and boats for their clients. These helpful concierges of the sailing charter industry are more than accommodating, suggesting calm waters for the seasick, customizing menus, redecorating boat interiors and interviewing crew members to find a good personality fit.

A yacht broker makes his or her living off commissions from a number of local charter companies, without costing you extra money. Essentially, the broker acts as your personal travel agent by interviewing crews, looking at boats and researching itineraries. There are more than 200 luxury yacht charter brokerage firms. Before selecting one, be sure they are affiliated with the American Yacht Charter Association, the Charter Yacht Brokers Association or international groups like the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association, and get references.

The yacht brokers can send you to a number of sailing vacation destinations. In the winter, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and the Indian Ocean are popular locations to enjoy the warm weather. In the summer months, a yacht charter Greece/Turkey/Croatia/Mediterranean tour is extremely popular. The Pacific Ocean, Alaskan waters and Atlantic Ocean areas have a lot to offer as well. You may stay aboard your boat or choose a number of micro-itineraries. The choice is yours. The benefit of taking private yacht charters is that you can come and go as you please and gain access to smaller, untouched islands that cannot be reached by enormous cruise ships.

The best place to find qualified brokers is through the Charter Yacht Brokers Association at www.cyba.net. To become a member, all yacht brokers must agree to a code of ethics, adhere to honest advertising standards, conduct fiscally responsible business, write up fair contracts and keep all charter funds in a separate escrow account. Additionally, they must have a thorough knowledge of yacht styles and crews, as well as attend two luxury yacht charter shows each year. They must pay an annual fee of $125, be sponsored by two other members and must be endorsed by three clearing house/management firms. The brokers must also first undergo a mentoring program before gaining membership.


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