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Are you looking for a cheap Alaskan cruise? Well there is no time like the present to book an affordable cruise to Alaska. Because prices are at their lowest, now is the time to take that dream vacation. There is no better time to take that dream vacation than now.

When you typically hear the word “cruise,” a picture of people sitting on top of a cruise ship, under the sun, by a pool is normally what comes to mind. But there are many travel agencies that offer cruises to locations that you would not normally think of as a cruise location. Alaska is one of these locations. A cheap Alaskan cruise would be an exotic vacation of a lifetime.

Most Alaskan cruises begin in Seattle, Washington or Vancouver, Canada. Among some of the ports of call that may be included as stops are Juneau, Alaska; Skagway, Alaska; Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska; Ketchikan, Alaska; Victoria, Canada; Sitka, Alaska; Hubbard Glacier, Alaska. Alaskan cruises can be purchased through many of the major cruise lines. These cruises can be as affordable as $449 per person to over $5,000 per individual.

You can explore the beauty that Alaska has to offer with a cruise. These cruises offer a wide range of excursions from flightseeing, walking on glaciers, gold panning, rainforest hiking and kayaking to the traditional touring and even an Alaskan salmon bake. A must-see is the northern lights and the migration of the whales.

An inexpensive Alaskan cruise can be unique as well as the vacation of a lifetime. There is a lot of unique territory to see in Alaska. Did you know there are rain forests in Alaska? Well, there are and they are something that you should take time out to see. Eagle Creek, one of Alaska’s richest salmon spawning streams, flows through this diverse ecosystem, into an estuary and the ocean. A groomed gravel trail weaves through the rich rainforest and transforms to an elevated boardwalk along the banks of the creek, where a variety of fauna linger during the salmon season. A major fish hatchery is located across the creek from the sanctuary boardwalk.

Alaska has a lot of beautiful natural setting, icluding rainforests. A cheap Alaskan cruise truly is the getaway of a lifetime. This should be on everyones lifetime to-do list. An all inclusive cruise to Alaska can be unique and exciting.


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