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How to de-stress air travel

Everyone wants to find good discount first class air travel, but doesn’t know how to find it. Some simply leave it to the brokers to find them, but remember that you are paying his salary so there might be some hiking in prices. To find some good deals you need to search for yourself. There are a bunch of proven strategies for good comfortable travel accommodations.

My baggage did arrive, however, about a week later. The only problem was that the baggage from LAX came 90% emptied out. All the Christmas gifts and clothing (even my underwear)…gone. It is a known truth that the airlines do in fact subcontract the baggage returns to your address. Mine was a rather interesting experience where the man called on the phone and told me to leave a note saying it is ok that they leave my bag outside my door if I would not be home whenever they so decided to deliver my bag. This, I believe, is where the problem occurred as I would have rather just picked it up myself from their location, but rather the delivery people did not allow it. I am not sure how this came about but I did learn a valuable lesson. There are many little stipulations that airlines have in regards to getting reimbursed for stolen luggage. First, there are a few things they do not cover.

Also regular hours of the day should not be a time to travel if you are looking for air travel cheap fare. The best times to travel are early in the morning and late at night. If you are willing to travel at these times, then it is highly recommended.

Identifying your bag is another important thing to remember if you ever need to file a claim. So, always make sure your name and contact information is located on the outside of your baggage as well as inside in case the tags put on the bags should fall off and the airline needs to reach you. Take a quick picture of your bag before checking in, just in case something is broken off or torn apart during the flight. After you arrive to your destination, take a quick peek inside your bag and make sure nothing was skimmed off the top by thieves with access to your bags. Lastly, if you really do not want to check in bags and have a little extra money, you can always ship the luggage overnight via FedEx or Luggage Concierge.

So for a quick overview;

1. Travel in the mid-week.
2. Travel in the early morning, or late at night.
3. Don’t be strict with your travels.
4. Book a further flight and travel

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