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15th June – Split

I did not go into split because I am still feeling very rough. Had a light breakfast of yoghurt and berries and I spent the day in the Karma Spa. I had a lovely back and foot massage followed by a mini facial, then I got to spend the whole day in the therapy suite all for the grand total of £40. I had the whole suite to myself and spent the day popping in and out of the Relaxation Room/Sauna/Steam Room/Ice Grotto etc. I pretended it was my own little empire. The herbal therapy room was to die for. Unfortunately the meditation room was broken, but will be fixed very soon I was told. Had a lovely sleep. Nice way to spend a totally relaxing day.

Found out later that Laura and Paul had a great day in Split, Paul said it was the best place the ship has been! Typical of me to miss another great thing. I watched the video and it did look really good. Paul said we can go back there some time and spend a week there. It had underground shops and all sorts.

Note from Paul – Yes Split is brillaint. Much smaller than you’d expect but a very nice place to visit and some of the nicest people we’ve ever met. Laura and I took in the Fish Market, took a sight around the city walls but spent most of our time in the big market. The actual see harbour front is a great place to chill out with an ice cream and watch life pass you by.


Tonight me and Laura played bingo. We bought some lucky dobbers, but oddly enough we did not win a sausage! Got some lovely new jewellery on the way into bingo though, matching earrings and necklace set, and a necklace for Laura. Paul joined us, and we watched Freedom to Move show “Pulse” – brilliant as usual. This show was set around a nightclub. I was cheering and some old fella was giving me the evils. We then went for a bite to eat and I had Seafood Thermidor – ACE.. There was balloons and some “celebration” night, slice of fruit cake to take away etc. Had a nice walk round with Paul and he said I could go to the casino if I wanted. YAY!!!! I WON £41, after only gambling £1. That’s a good return isn’t it! I got the impression not many people win here, because of the reaction from the staff around me……… waiting for their tip!! Then spent about 2 hours losing and winning the same £5 as usual. Went back to the room singing “we’re in the money!” bragged loads and then went to sleep.


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