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Though many people simply identify Sky Mall with the catalog of goods they get when flying with various airlines, Sky Mall is actually a corporation with lots of business threads behind it. With the headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, Sky Mall Inc. was founded in 1990 by Bob Worlsey, Graham Alcock and Matthew Del Bianco as a delivery-good services for people using select US airports. At the time, Sky Mall did not have a range of products they could call their own and rather depended on other producers. Presently, the luxury and specialty items one can order on the Sky Mall airplane phones come directly from the incorporation.

One other market approach concept specific to Sky Mall is the use of goods from various manufacturers for drop-ship purposes, delivering the ordered items to the customer via a third-party system of dealers. What can one order from Sky Mall? Sky Mall is organized on major departments from travel, sports, seasonal and hobbies to office products, health and wellness, electronics, computers, apparel and pets. If curious about the stores Sky Mall collaborates with it suffices to mention Alsto’s,, Sharper, Steiner Sports, Brookstone and several others. Due to the large extent of the business and the place they occupy in the consume society, Sky Mall is part of popular culture.

Funny and appealing to the public taste, parodies of the Sky Mall appeared as books, songs and even webcomics. But despite such ironic approaches, the truth is that Sky Mall brought a fortune to its founders with a market capitalization of more than $80 million. The secret of the market success was the efficiency of the service: you order the product on the plane and you can get it when you arrive at the airport. The challenge was the creation of the infrastructure which eventually led to the design of the automated warehouses where the goods are picked, packed and sent to the airport in thirty minutes.

In time, airport sales lost terrain in front of home-deliveries, the number of which increased to unexpected levels. Yes, the passengers studied the Sky Mall catalog on the plane, but did not want to add extra items to the luggage, so they had them home delivered. Thus, from the sober looking figures of the early 90s and the money bleeding days, Sky Mall got to generate lots of money with brighter prospects for the future.


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