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Sky Harbor airport, Goodyear airport and Deer Valley airport are part of the large Phoenix Airport System situated within close reach of the city of Phoenix. There are three terminals adjacent to Sky Harbor Airport each with distinct facilities of parking, ground transportation, shops and restaurants. Comfortable access to all airport levels as well as help to move in the perimeter are professionally organized, with special services designed from the airport club to the baggage claim and then to the Rental Car Center. The on-airport Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport parking facility includes an 8,859 vehicle capacity with the shuttle transportation option between terminals.

There are twenty-three domestic and international airlines servicing Sky Harbor Airport, and the best known are Southwest and US Airlines. For a passenger who uses the services of Sky Harbor airport for the first time, the intricacies of the location are striking, therefore you’d better get some information of general interest such as the special regulations, the runway rules, the traffic conditions, the access to terminals and so on. Sky Harbor Airport occupies an 8th position in the top ten of the airports in the United States handling most of the international flights in the Phoenix Airport System. Additional support comes from the other two airports with courses directed to Goodyear or Deer Valley rather than to Sky Harbor Airport for traffic decrease and service fluency.

Even if customer service may seem to come first in all public facilities, Sky Harbor Airport management emphasizes security first and customer service afterwards. According to the motto of the company, they are striving to be America’s Friendliest Airport, which is why they have all sorts of services that are not available with many other airports. At Sky Harbor Airport you can be assisted by one of the Sky Harbor Navigators to find your way through the complexity of the airport with the maximum of efficiency and minimum time waste. The Navigators are volunteers who provide info, assistance and guidance.

Then there is the Travelers Aid operating in Terminal 4, on the 3rd level; you can call, email or leave voice messages and someone from the office will get back at you promptly. In case you lose something on the airport premises, you need to address the Lost and Found office located in a separate building between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Sky Harbor Airport also provides access to entertainment centers, assistance and proper access for people with special needs, baby changing tables in bathrooms and wireless Internet. For details on any service you may need, contact the Info Desk.


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