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If you are going to go on cruise to Alaska, you are going to want to go on the best Alaskan cruise so that it will be a vacation that your will remember for a lifetime. There are a lot of cruises for a person to choose from when it comes to selecting a vacation, but if you want an excursion that is truly unique, why not book a cruise for Alaska.

Most of these cruises will be round trip departing from Seattle, WA or Vancouver, Canada, but these are not your only options. One-way cruises area available. You will see the glaciers and the forests as part of a trip, with several ports-of-call to see the local culture as well as the beautiful Alaskan coastline and countryside.

Whittier, Alaska is one of the ports-of call that can be found on the best Alaskan cruise. This town is one of Alaska’s primary cruise-ship ports of embarkation and serves as an access point to Prince William Sound. Lodging is limited here, but you will find a few shops and restaurants. There is a ferry terminal for those wishing to visit Valdez, Seward or Cordova. Available are tours, sea-kayak rentals, sightseeing charters and fishing.

The scenery in this area includes Alpine glaciers. Sheer cliffs drop into Passage Canal and provide nesting places for flocks of black-legged kittiwakes, sea otters and harbor seals cavort in the small-boat harbor, and salmon return to spawn in nearby streams. A boat ride can reveal moutain goats, tide water glaciers and black bears.

Whittier is just one of the cites that can be part of the best Alaskan cruise. Now is a ideal time to schedule a vacation. Economic conditions have resulted in vacation packages to be priced lower than ever before. if you are looking for a vacation that is like no other, an Alaskan cruise is a great option.


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