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With Sydney hotel accommodations averaging 0/night, staying in town for even a month can get rather costly. Finding an apartment rental is a great way to live like a local, either right in the Central Business District downtown, or “away from it all” in a wooded area on the outskirts.

If you’re going to be enjoying an extended stay in Sydney, then you’d be best served by considering Sydney rentals and finding a fully furnished, short stay apartment rental to meet your needs. Here’s a look at what’s available.

West Corp Apartments ( is one of the places offering Sydney apartment rentals to international visitors. Located a brief 20 minute drive from the downtown core, West Corp apartments come with one or two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities, spa bathtubs, master and en suite bathrooms, two or more television sets with at least 20 channels, DVD players/VCRs, stereo systems and parking spaces. For short 5 to 7 day stays, rates are 3/night, but you will save the longer you stay. For example, staying more than two months will get you a rate of 7/night. These vacation apartment rentals are aimed primarily at business clientele, with an extensive network of virtual offices also available.

Sydney rentals aren’t always necessarily the cheapest way to travel. If you’re really a budget-conscious traveler, you can find hostels for just /night, although you may have to share a bedroom and bathroom with other wanderers. Check out for reviews on different hostels you can try. The hostel Sydney accommodations won’t be luxurious, but they will certainly be adventurous. Many hostels plan social events, group tours and road trips, so you can get to know fellow adventurers. Hostels are fun for pleasure-seekers and fun vacations, although not well-suited for business professionals who need a bit more space and privacy.

While you’re looking online for apartments and other Sydney rentals, you may come across sites like Craigslist, where individual owners are promoting their properties. However, finding Sydney vacation rentals Craigslist style may be a little bit risky. You don’t have the same sort of guarantees and assurances that a corporation or apartment complex can give you. Whether you’re staying in Sydney for business or pleasure, renting an apartment is a great way to experience Australia through the eyes of a local, enjoy a little extra space and have some privacy for your venture.

If you’re planning a vacation in Sydney, you’re in for a real treat. Sydney is Australia’s largest city, with 4 million inhabitants from all around the world. Sydney is brimming with museums, restaurants, shops, exhibits, festivals and events. If you go, consider taking advantage of Sydney rentals, which can save you a lot of money.


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