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The internet offers plenty of access to airline secrets and inside knowledge of the travel industry.  Some of this can help you to travel more cheaply and in greater luxury. Some will help you avoid those irritating or downright annoying situations that seem to crop up when you least expect them – or when you are dog tired and just want a bed.  Much of the advice will help you get a better grip of your travel plans and actually manage to enjoy your flights.

But what you want, above all, is to learn about all those insider tricks that will give you not only the safety, comfort and satisfaction you need but also top value for money.  

Did you know about the huge range of perks and free promotions that travel people enjoy? They get airfares at great reductions, free hotel rooms, half-price car rental –  a vast range of perks.  You will know some of it already.  Some of it will amaze you. What if we could have a slice of the pie?

Well, it is perfectly possible to share in all this travel industry largesse, although you won’t get much help from those insiders. There are vested interests here that will not encourage your efforts!

There are several ways to do this, but let’s start off with the story of an ex-airline travel agent who has tons of insider information that is legal, genuine and extremely useful.

He has so much data and information that we can only provide a short taster to give you some idea. Here are a few of the topics that this airline travel professional covers:

  • How to get air tickets at big reductions
  • How to get free ticket vouchers
  • Promotional offers and where to find the large number available
  • Arrange free upgrades (business and first class)
  • Best way to bargain with travel agents
  • How to save time but still get the best travel deals
  • Get hotel rooms for free
  • Get free travel (incredible but true!)
  • How to spot and avoid unfair pricing arrangements

The list is nearly endless, and each is dealt with in much greater detail in the travel manual – we have only highlighted a few. The manual includes lots of insider secrets for getting the best (not necessarily the lowest) airline tickets, hotel rooms and car rentals, plus a software program to help you plan your travel properly.

Incidentally, all this information covers worldwide travel – it is not limited to the big players only. Very helpful data and information that applies to every kind of travel and traveler.

There is much more about how to save on airfare secrets on our website, which you are most welcome to visit if you want to use the extensive travel industry insider knowledge to you advantage.


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