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Top-end luxury yacht charters have people thinking that a private charter yacht is too costly to rent. However, there are a number of smaller, more affordable sailing yachts to choose from, which still have the privacy, the luxury and the thrill of the more expensive boats.

The cost of having your very own yacht is actually comparable to the price of vacationing on a cruise ship, especially if you have friends or families to split the cost. A chartered sailing vacation is an unforgettable experience, allowing unprecedented freedom, adventure and fully customized amenities.

A sailboat charter vacation is a great choice if you want the ocean, the wind and the marine life to be part of your whole travel experience. Yet, it is not about getting where you are going. For you it is about the journey. You can coast leisurely during calm weather or be whisked away with the trade-winds, feeling the breeze through your hair and the mist on your face.

You enjoy learning to raise the sail, ducking so you don’t whack your head on the boom occasionally and coasting over the waves with natural wind power. Sail boats provide exhilarating rides and the price is right, although they may not be for everyone. When they speed up, the boat may tilt to the left a little and provide a wilder ride for novices. There is also less space on a sailing charter than what the powerboats have to offer.

You may decide that a monohull charter yacht is the ride for you. Many people are seduced by this boat based on its classy appearance alone! When you think of a mid-sized yacht, the image of the monohull power boat immediately comes to mind. The inside of these luxury boats can look just like a resort room with plush bedding, full kitchens and cozy deck seating. You can also choose a monohull sailboat, which will carry heavier loads, tack easier, go upwind better and feel more comfortable than a regular sailboat. The problem with the monohull is that you may get a hole in the hull, which means el sink-o!

A bareboat charter gives you the thrill of commanding your own charter yacht and sailing the high seas in complete privacy. You will need an Offshore Skipper Certificate or you will need to pass a test before you can just rent your boat, but ultimately you can decide upon your own route from start to finish.

It is unlikely that new yachts will be given to you on this type of charter, although a used boat may do the task just fine and cost you considerably less money. Bareboats range up to 60 feet in size and are usually easy to handle. If you lack confidence on your boating skills, then you may also employ a skipper or deckhand for around $300/day.


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