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A list of the most popular car hire companies and that of the best car hire companies will look very different so I wont give you a list. I will give you information on the kind of service that you should expect from a good rental agency and then you can use that information to pick one that you think meets these qualities.

If you are going to need the car for a period of more than two days then you should be able to get a company that should be able to offer you a cover charge for the period than the usual daily rates and charge per extra km. A longer lease should qualify for a bigger discount when calculated against the daily rate.

Another thing that you can find out about are the add on features that you might need. A good car hire agency will have roof racks for luggage and maybe sports equipment or extra storage facilities. They should be available if you need them even if they might not be for free.

Find out the requirements of having extra drivers included in the lease agreement. Normally you would be required to register additional drivers at an extra cost but considering the length of your lease the car rental agency should allow you to have them simply registered and their details filed.

Personally I’m of the opinion that car agencies should be able to arrange your other requirements as well. Basically take care of your flight and accomodation requirements as well. This will normally come at an extra cost to you of course. A good agency will explan the conditions of your lease to you in detail.

Most agencies will either not point out the penalties and conditions of breach of your contract. You need to be aware of them and their implications. Did I say I wouldn’t mention the popular ones I was just kidding? Hertz, Avis, Budget and RAV are just some of the more preferred car hire agencies in the country. I suggest you check out one of the following for a good deal:


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