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Quickbooks online edition

Obviously not everybody can work remotely as there are some types of work that require workers to go to their office or travel to undertake their tasks in person. But for those of us who can or want to work remotely then I thought it would be useful to share what I have learned and give some practical directions by putting it on the net in the hope that I could give others valuable advice for adapting to remote working or supervising remote workers.

I would caution you that there are a lot of people out there who will try and persuade you to purchase online education for preposterous sums of cash, believe me you don’t have to do this.

I am blessed to be allowed to work anywhere I choose and just about everyone who asks me what I do for a living wants to understand how I manage to work remotely. Don’t get me wrong here I am still perfecting the science of remote working as each day I meet folks on the web who teach me new approaches and I am continually discovering new technologies and ways that make my life easier and make me more effective.

In the past 7 years I have significantly adapted my working methods to allow me to do the majority of my work remotely with a collection of web tools and solid self management. One afternoon whilst searching the net I uncovered Quickbooks online and this brought to my attention what just might be possible. My encounter with web based ‘on demand’ small business accounting software was a pivotal moment for me and the start of my ‘remote working career.

I have got to mention up front that productively working remotely is as much about the systems as it is about self management. Working remotely also means educating your team members, managers and clients as to what they can expect and how they will maintain contact with you.

In ‘Remote Working Part 2 – Effective working styles’ I show you how to focus.


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