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Traffic, suitcases, and crowding are some of the things that make airline travel such a pain.Early morning flights may save you money sometimes, but it can be a pain to get there in time for check-in. So I thought it would be nice to stay at an airport hotel the night before my trip, so I won’t have to travel so far to get there in the morning?

What about all that luggage? You’re off to vacation for a week and your wife has packed everything you need for your stay. Parking and worrying about getting to and from your car with all that luggage can put a damper on your travel and ruin the very reason for a vacation getaway.  

By taking the stress out of air travel, I arrive in a better mood. Using a Park Sleep Fly Hotel I get assistance with my luggage, and I can travel without the stress of wondering if where my car is parked is safe.

I prefer to be close to the airport the night before my flight for that early morning check-in, or taking a break after my flight. Usually,hotel accommodations are available near the airport for a 1 night stay w/7 days parking, which allows me to reserve a room near the airport for the price of parking alone. With a park stay and fly package, I just check-in the night before my flight, unless my scheduled return flight is at some weird hour in the morning.

I try to take the stress out air travel, just leave the details to the pros.  You can check the parking fees ahead of time and see the deals available. It couldn’t be easier. No more waiting around for someone to pick you up while you drag your luggage around.

So I wound up staying the night at the Quality Hotel Phila Airport, they had a nice parking lot separated from the normal hotel parking, and they got me to the airport on time. The driver was friendly and courteous, and helped me with my bags, and I got a good night’s sleep to boot. 🙂


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