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Airport parking varies a lot around the world but in some crowded countries airport parking can be a very expensive option unless you are prepared to park some way from the airport.

You will almost always pay more for easy and convenient airport car parking services. If you are well off or your company is paying the bill you can often park right next to the airport. You can usually save some money by parking further away from the airport terminal and getting a bus or coach.

If the demand is high and supply of parking is limited the usual rules of supply and demand will apply to airport parking. The airport management company or the car parking contractor will set a parking cost at whatever the customers will be prepared to pay. Air travel seems to grow by leaps and bounds and the growth has increased demand for car parking services at airports.

Due to the high levels of demand for air travel car parking services have been able to charge high prices for parking at airports. Regardless of the additional costs involved in flying we are all flying more than ever.

The airline passenger is limited in their choice and sometimes car travel is the most suitable way to get to the airport especially when travelling at difficult times of day or night. If you are travelling to an airport some distance away the transport connections offered at airports may not help you much.

Trains which run from the airport terminal may offer a good alternative to car parking if you want to get to the nearest town but are not so good if you are heading elsewhere. Some travellers are happy to use buses and coaches to get to the airport but if you are travelling with luggage it can be very difficult.

The problems with buses and trains are all about convenience. Instead of you choosing when you want to travel you have to fit in with whatever service they provide. It may be more convenient to drive to the airport but the cost of airport parking is the price you have to pay.


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