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Arriving at the airport, already late for your check in, the last thing you really want to be doing is trying to find your parking space in the maze of airport car parks provided at Heathrow.  By far the best option is to book your Heathrow parking space in advance and take advantage of the meet and greet services available at Heathrow airport.

Meet and greet parking is an exceptionally useful service that many people simply don’t know about. This excellent service will save you the headache or lugging your baggage from the car park all the way to the airport terminal. You don’t have to wait for a transfer bus from some far flung Heathrow car park. Instead you will be met at the terminal by professional chauffeur who will take complete responsibility for parking your car, while you check in and board your flight.

Meet and greet parking is particularly useful to those people who are always on a tight deadline as it can save so much time at the airport. If you take advantage of the online check-in facilities you can shave some valuable minutes off of the time it takes for you to board your flight.

Meet and greet is also immensely useful to those travelling with small children or disabled travellers. All you need do is pre-book online then let the car parking people know when you will be arriving so that they can have their valet ready to take your keys and park your car. Absolutely no fuss and no bother and you won’t have to put up with screaming children on the airport transfer bus.

Heathrow airport provides meet and greet or valet parking at all five of the busy Heathrow terminals. If you have never used the sevice before you will be pleased to find that it doesn’t cost an awful lot more than regular parking at Heathrow airport. All you need to remember is that booking online in advance will give you some great savings.

When you return from your trip all you need do is call ahead and you will be met at the designated terminal location. Your car will have been retrieved from the car park and all you need do is sign the acceptance form and you’re on your way home. No fuss, no bother, very simple.


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