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Package Holiday Insurance, Are You Covered?

The great thing about a package holiday is the simplicity offered from the all-in-one approach. No need to co-ordinate your own flights and transfers, no need to worry about excursions, peace of mind that the hotel you are staying at will have a rep that speaks your language. It’s very much the lazy persons way of going abroad!

However did you know that when you book your package holiday with insurance you could be setting yourself up for a fall? A British woman has just discovered that her holiday medical insurance didn’t cover her when she had an accident at an Egyptian water park. On being sold the excursion the package holiday reps apparently told her that “if she didn’t book with them then she would be covered by insurance”. She did have an accident whilst at the water park but now her holiday company insurance is refusing to pay up leaving her and her family very much in the lurch.

So how can this happen? Actually the holiday company are completely within their rights in this case. As they were only acting as a booking agent for the excursion company your contract is not with them but with the company responsible for the excursion. The insurance with your package holiday company will only cover your time with them, and may even only include what you buy with the original purchase when back home. That means no insurance cover when you go on a 3rd party excursion. This will come as a great shock to a large number of people who will have always assumed that holiday insurance covers your whole holiday, when it comes to package holiday insurance this may not be the case!


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