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Sometimes even when you think you have negotiated a really good deal with a company, they may not be giving you their best price. Most of us end up convincing our selves that we have done a good job of obtaining the best discount possible because it means we can relax and get on with the next thing on our agenda. This also applies to car rental promotions, these days, it’s hard to call anything a cheap car rental, with the inflation rate of products, continuing gas price increase it’s hard to keep product prices down, so here are a few tips to keep your car rentals cheap, even if every other factor is making it expensive.

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Reserve your car using internet sites instead of over the counter ones. You could go along to the car rental office or use the phone but the internet booking sites are almost always able to offer a discount unavailable elsewhere. The aim is to try and get everything you can for less money with you cheap car rental.

As almost every car Rental Company will instruct you to fill up the tank before you drop it back and it is always best to do this, just make sure you fill up it up with the cheapest gas you can find. Car rental companies fill the tanks for unsuspecting customers that have returned the car on empty, at a much higher price per gallon than if they had done it themselves. Try to always use the same company when you find one you like as they have customer loyalty schemes that can save you more money when you reserve your car.

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Some rental companies are able to provide an exchange of your air miles as a form of discount against the rental for example. You may find it is worth your while checking to see if cheap car rental is available especially if the air miles are close to their expiry date. All companies like customers to book early, no matter what it is for and car rental companies often provide a further discount if you reserve your car from them as early as possible.

Seasoned customers know the best time to collect a car is first thing in the morning when the offices are just opening as most of the cheap car rentals are out and not expected back for some time; the chances are you will be upgraded for free. Consider what you intend to do with the car because if you having a vacation you may find that the car rental agency is affiliated or has an arrangement with other hotels and even the airlines; this is an ideal situation to try for the biggest discount possible. It can be just as easy to use one of these comparison sites that give the cost of the cheapest rental and you can enter your budget and they will find a car rental deal to match.

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Although even if you have been given a great deal, it will be worth your time to see if is available for less elsewhere and to check the company history as you don’t want to be cheated by using an unreliable source. If you intend to have the car for over five days look for discounts on weekly rental and see what further money you can save at the time you reserve the car. As a final piece of advice, if the option to collect the car from the car rental company’s offices is available as opposed to the airport then pick up the car there as you will often be charged more for airport collections.


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