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12th June – At Sea

I got up super early today because I knew the boat would be full of newbies getting their “den”, I had our spot up on deck 12 by the pool for 8am. It was lovely and quiet for about half and hour, and then suddenly it was full with women walking backwards and forward looking for the best place to sit, all with hapless husbands trailing around after them laden down with towels, books and sunbathing paraphernalia. I got a freshly squeezed orange juice and sat watching the to-ings and fro-ings of people getting settled, Paul came about an hour later, and Laura about an hour after him. Laura did not stay with us though, she went off to the kids club. Me and Paul had a splash about in the adults pool. What was really funny was there was loads of people sitting “round” the pool, but no-one actually “in” it, until I got in, then it was like the old empty dancefloor thing, once one person sets on, it soon filled up with pensioners – it was like a scene from that film “cocoon” haha!!

Earlier on, I had spotted on the Entertainments Sheet, that the Freedom to Move crew were doing Trapeze Lessons. Paul thought this was hysterical, and that there was no way I would be able to do it – but bearing in mind we were on a boat full of pensioners, how hard could it be?! The only requirement was to wear long trousers (nothing mentioned about having to be fit?!) – Well I don’t know what I expected, but I was the first one prepared to have a go but I bummed out totally. I could not even hold my body weight with my arms. We were meant to do a knee lift for 10 seconds, I managed 1 second! Everyone else would go on to do it, mind you they were all half my weight! Paul was good at everything, and people were saying “what did you bring him for, show off”!!! But the instructors were extremely kind to me, and they gently encouraged me to keep trying stuff, and I was okay in the end. I managed to pull myself up onto the swing and hang upside down and all sorts. We got this momentous action filmed for posterity on the Flip. I was really excited, and very proud of myself.

I think all in all, this trapeze was the thing I will remember about this holiday. Those girls were great, and really earned their wages with me.

On the way out, we saw Laura and her new friend for this week. We said we had been doing trapeze, Laura did not believe us, her friend told Laura it was “dead easy” , yeah right!

We then went to a seminar in connexions about how to get the best out of your camera. Paul learned quite a bit, all lost on me of course. I had the embarrassment of being one of the only hands to go up when the guy asked if anyone was still using cameras with film!

Then we raced down to the Casbar for the quiz, we got 18/20, the winners got 19/20, it was good that we did not get this score because they were sharing a table with us and these quizzers on this ship are a competitive bunch, there would have been all sorts of accusations flying. All for an ice cream!

Had dinner, and then went to the marquee to watch a “swing” show, the guy sounded nothing like Dean or Frank, but he was good in his own way. He sang “little old wine drinker me”, which made me happy as it is one of my favourite songs. After this we popped into the casino and got a bucket of coins and played for a while. Paul as usual lost his money in a matter of minutes but I had a couple of £5 wins which kept me going for quite a long time. I got bored after a bit because I kept winning and losing at the same rate. I note Video poker is still as addictive as ever.


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