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Tourist Map Of Split And Things To Do


Split in Croatia is one of my very favourite places to visit in the whole of the Med. It’s easy to step back in what is the time capsule of Split and visit many historic sights all immersed in the friendly Croatian culture, it really is a great place to spend a few days.

The old town of Split is akin to an open air museum, as you weave your way through the small lanes you’ll eventually find the cherry on the top of the cake, the World Heritage Site of the Diocletian’s Palace. Once you’ve got your bearings then the open air market is just outside the palace walls, there is the underground market and of course the stunning harbour to wander along. Inside the walls of the palace you’ll find several museums including the City Museum and the Town Museum. Further afield you have the Archaeological Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

Split isn’t all about museums and cafe’s though, Krka National Park and several top quality beaches are all within easy reach. As an added bonus because they’ve stayed away from the Euro with their own Kuna currency things are still very affordable in Croatia so if you ever get the chance to visit Split, don’t miss it.


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