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Map Of Ephesus – Things To Do At Kusadasi


The Turkish port of Kusadasi is all about one thing, a gateway to one of the seven wonders of the world – Ancient Ephesus.

Kusadasi itself could best be summed up in the phrase, a one road town. In some ways this makes life easy as it’s not too hard to find taxis or the local busses that can take you to Ephesus. However, it is this rat run that makes passing through Kusadasi a nightmare. Once a taxi driver has a sniff of a sale you will not be left alone resulting in some poor holiday makers running for retreat back to their cruise ships! Bartering is to be expected, as is daylight robbery. The port itself does provide some safe haven with security guards on post to ensure only the right people gain entry to the shops and cafes available. Security which has no doubt heightened since the terrorist attack in Kusadasi.

Ephesus provides a scenery that is surely worth all the trouble though, housing some of the most amazing ruins to be found anywhere in the world. From the Library of Celsus and St John’s Besilica to the remains of the Temple of Artemis Ephesus delivers at every level. And that’s even before you take the chance to sit in the Great Theatre or stroll down the Arcadian Way, once blessed with the presence of Anthony and Cleopatra.

If looking at ruins isn’t your thing then you’re basically all out of luck at Kusadasi. If you must shun Ephesus then a pleasant day out can be had at many of the surrounding beaches in the area. Green Beach, Long Beach and Ladies Beach are all popular amongst tourists.


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  1. Faiza on October 12th, 2015 4:49 pm

    Thank you for posting the phoots of Ephesus. I was 14 when I went there, so the memories needed dusting off!My sister is on a cruise arriving in Istanbul today so now I know a little more about what she will see.Love following your travels!

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