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Long weekends or short breaks away are what people do nowadays as a hiatus from the work and stress of office life. As they only get a short time for their break, these people work at getting maximum relaxation in these few days.

Making it a point to reach the airport on time for the flight only gives a stressful start to an otherwise well planned holiday.So what most short break travellers do while heading for their destination is to get all their holiday gear, and book into an airport hotel the night before their flight.

You have to head to the airport on the night before the flight so that you needn’t worry about traffic jams on the day of your departure.On reaching the hotel, you can take a dip in the pool, have a relaxing meal at their restaurant or just relax with a few drinks at the bar.Other options could include visiting the hotel spa or watching a movie in the room.

By doing all this, you feel that your holiday has already started.You can then retire feeling relaxed, and happy as there is no need to get up too early the next morning, to get ready to reach the airport through the heavy traffic.

In addition to all this, on the morning of the flight, you don’t have to make your own breakfast as you can get up and look forward to the one the hotel offers you, and also quickly reach the airport that is just round the corner once you have finished.You can take the free shuttle provided by the hotel to the airport terminal and coolly check-in for your flight.Another option is to take your car to the terminal, and leave it parked there till you return from your holiday.

On returning from your short break, you can either drive your car back home or take a cab.This is a much better way to start your break than having to rush to the airport from home on the morning of the flight.

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