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There are two golden formulas that should abide by by any holidaymaker before and after they set off on a vacation. The first is to thoroughly compare airfare rates and to settle for the best option. The second is not to worry about the amount you paid on the airfare because you will always find someone else who made the same journey as you did, for a cheaper price! So let s try to take a look at the art of finding low airfare rates.

Step number one: become a watchman. What this simply means is that you should keep in touch with airfare rates, high or low, throughout the year. When you become a watchman who keeps an eye on airfare deals, you will become familiar with fluctuations that happen in the rates. This way, spotting out low airfare deals becomes an easier job than trying to spend 48 hours in front of the computer trying to find sensible deals right before you set off in a vacation. So the next time you approach a travel agent, you will know if he’s offering a low airfare deal or a high airfare deal, depending on the month of the year.

The next good thing that happens by becoming a watchman is that you become knowledgeable about offers and services. Therefore, overtime you will understand the best times of the year to travel about. You will also become familiar with hotels and resorts that are recommended by other travelers. The best way to keep in touch with the air travel world is to read blogs and participate in user forums.

Be in touch with sites that promote cheap airlines. For example, you could travel to India by Air India or by Air India Express. The Latter is, in most cases, over 50% low in airfare cost compared to the first. Some airlines are specifically branded and designed to provide low airfare deals to frequent travelers, therefore it might be a good idea to find out about low cost airlines before you set off in your journey. The downside is that low cost airlines don’t travel to every destination. So you will want to carefully check if they travel across the region that you want to land at.

You could also take advantage of price comparison sites when hunting for low airfare rates. These sites usually make things easier for you while saving a lot of time. But these sites may not take note of every offer that counts towards the destination that you are flying. So you cannot solely depend on these sites to provide you a good report on low airfare rates. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you use price comparison sites as a starting point.


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