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You bet, all of the hotels do accept cash as a form of payment. I seriously doubt if anyone would actually refuse to take cash at a hotel. You most likely won't be able to reserve a room without a credit card, or atleast can't guarantee a room, although some may book your room only until 6pm day of arrival and if you don't check in by that time, they'll most likely cancel your room. I'd still advise you to take your credit card with you since you'll be travelling and may need your card in an emergency and I certainly won't advise you to carry a lot of cash on you while away from home. You can reserve a room with your card but still pay cash upon departure. Just a reminder; if you really don't want to use your card then only reserve the room with that and at check in don't let the receptionist run your card at the terminal or it will either pull out money straight away(Room+tax+incidentals hold) or put a hold on that much money that you won't be able to use until that hold is removed by the hotel. Just give them cash at check in to be on the safe side. They may ask for a refundable deposit for incidentals like the phones, movies, food etc. Don't forget to get the receipt for your cash deposit! Have fun.

Sure! What state and city?

A few will ask for credit card for a reservation but willl take cash once you get there. Since the Credit Cards charges a lot of fees, they are more than happy to take the cash an will be cheaper to you.

It's similar to what's done when buying gas at the station.

Yes, however be alert, some hotels might ask for a deposit if they don't have a credit card in file for your reservation.

Tips: Ask if you get a break when you pay cash; they should cut a couple of dollars. – the hotel saves on not having to pay the credit card processor when they don't use it for your transaction!

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