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Paris’ Second Arrondissement

You’re nearly there – Paris, France’s glistening capital city! You can’t wait to arrive . You’ve gotten your discount flight to Paris, France , now you are considering some wonderful sounding bargains on Paris hotels . Where you are staying in the city is always an important consideration for Paris hotels even if you are looking at hotels in Paris city centre.  Here’s a guide to Paris’s Second arrondissement so you can learn more about whether this neighborhood in Paris is where you want to be!


It’s unlikely that you’ll be spending alot of time in the 2nd as a tourist, but if you choose a hotel in this arrondissement , you will be in the heart of Paris’s financial and working center. Home to the Bourse (stock exchange) and the CAC 40 index of France’s top listed companies , the second arrondissement is also widely known for its thriving   fashion and journalism industries, as well as its general atmosphere of business.

What To Expect If You Are Staying In The Second Arrondissement :

What’s Good About The Second :

You will hardly spot tourists here, so that the people-watching will be strictly French : Parisian business people going to lunch, stressed out traders dashing to work, journalists meeting sources over coffee for the next big story . You will also be close to the wonderful nineteenth century “galleries,” a tradition when the Duke of Orleans decided to rent out his garden to shops in the late eighteenth century. These “galleries,” similiar to early shopping malls, have glass windows and tiled floors, are still working now . Visit for a nostalgic and charming look at Paris’s nineteenth-century past.

Why You Don’t Want To Stay :

This isn’t an especially with-it area by any means, and while there are several places for lunch in the neighborhood, geared toward those with an expense account, nightlife just isn’t here . However, with the Marais in the 4th arrondissement only a few minutes away, there’s not much to be concerned about. In addition, near the eastern end of the district, you may run into a few prostitutes looking to ply their trade, but don’t worry – it’s safe, if seedy, and nevertheless you’re likely to encounter far fewer than in similar sections like Rue St. Denis or the Pigalle area.

What To Do:

If you are a business type , pay a visit to the Bourse, or Stock Exchange, for a look at France’s economic heart. Or check out the Galleries – the Gallerie Vivienne is regarded the best-preserved, with authentic and stunning nineteenth-century decor, an awesome mosaic floor, and elegantly upscale stores . In contrast, the Passage Choiseul is more “authentic,” catering to businesspeople on their way to work, and selling magazines and newspapers and offering services like shoe-shining to frantically busy traders at the nearby Bourse.

Where To Eat:

Cafe Etienne Marcel, on Rue Etienne Marcel, is a hip Costes brothers place – less expensive than most of their others – with a menu to match. Or have a drink at Harry’s New York Bar on Rue Danou, allegedly the birthplace of the Bloody Mary, and a hangout of Hemmingway. While Harry’s isn’t cheap by any means, it’s nevertheless a wonderful hangout for those wanting the elegance and decadence of Art Deco bohemian expatriate life. And, of course, a bloody Mary mixed to perfection.

Where To Shop In Paris’s Second Arrondissement :

Brentano’s, on Avenue de L’Opera offers a great assortment of English-language and art books. And, of course, the Galleries are filled with great shops . Stroll in and out of some of the delightful galleries, looking at the many wonderful shops on offer, and take a look at buying boutique clothes, antiquarian books and far more at all of them.



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