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This isn’t really going to be a review of Benidorm but rather the apartments that we stayed in, the Levante Lux apartments. Hopefully this will give you some idea of what to expect because it seems that most people turn up expecting that they have booked a hotel, you haven’t, you’ve booked self catering apartments and the facilities are as such.

Levante Lux Apartments BenidormReception is manned 24 hours a day by a member of staff who also shares bar/cafe duties. This can result in a slight delay (or longer during busy check-in periods) in getting checked in or a drink. Drinks and food in the cafe are basic and also expensive compared to what you can find within 5 minutes walk of the Lux apartment building. Get of your fat ass and take a wander and you’ll find much better supplies closer by. Paying 2.50 for a draught soft drink and being limited to Pizza isn’t ideal, but it’s a small cafe attached to apartments. Honestly, within 5 minutes you have some of the best home cooked food in Benidorm. It’s also worth noting that there are no real problems with eating or drinking what you bring with you around the pool. There is only 1 member of staff and they’re really not bothered. As you’d expect there is no lifeguard on duty around the pool so those with younger kids will need to keep an eye on them, the pool does have a deep end going all the way to 2 meters but there is a separated of children’s area. Overall for the number of guests staying at the Levante Lux the pool size is excellent. Around the pool you’ll find plenty of space to sunbathe (if you want more of the sun stick to the road/garden side), there are limited sun loungers and they tend to be gone by 10 o clock at the latest. There is usually still plenty of space for creating your own camp using airbeds or just putting a towel down on the grass lawns. There is free wifi available in reception and the cafe but it also stretches out far enough that you can sit by the pool and update Facebook. If you’re on the first 3 floors you can also use the Wifi from your room, the 4th floor is borderline and no chance above that.

I’m going to put this in it’s own special paragraph just for the idiots. OBVIOUSLY you’ll need to pay extra for air conditioning and the use of your room safe on top of your deposit (deposit was £40 or 60 per room as at August 2011). This is standard, happens everywhere unless you are very lucky. It’s no use screaming at the reception staff that “everybody needs a safe”. We didn’t and were fine. We paid for air-con because we like coming back to a cool room but I’d imagine there would be plenty of others who didn’t pay and were still fine. A lot of the fault here has to be with tour agents like Thomson who include the Levante Lux in their brochures as if it’s a hotel. No room service, no concierge, no restaurants, no organised entertainment – at the risk of repeating myself, these are basic self catering apartments.

Levante Lux Swimming PoolThe apartments themselves are huge, basic but clean. Each floor comprises of 4 apartments and we stayed in a 2 bedroom end unit. I’m not kidding when I say the apartment is bigger than many I have seen friends living in. Besides 2 ample sized bedrooms (each with wardrobes) there is a large lounge, separate kitchen unit with utility/storage area. In your kitchen you’ll find the usual fridge and kettle plus a toaster, hob and even an oven. All utensils are provided but you may prefer to find some cheap bowls, the Spanish are fond of very shallow bowls that hardly hold any milk. I’d definitely recommend this for those with younger kids. The bathroom is large enough to move around in easily and features a shower/bath combination. There is still enough room in the lounge to include a large dining table after the double sofa bed. If you’re after balcony space you’ve come to the right place, you could hold a party on the balcony! We slept 3 people in our apartment but at a push I imagine 6 people would be comfy enough. I hope I’m getting the point across, the Levante Lux apartments are BIG. Maid service is fine and we had our room cleaned a couple of times a week, there might be some issues with utensils not being the best in your apartment but this is all par for the course when self catering like this.

In terms of location you are about 5 minutes away from one end of the main Benidorm strip and the beach. If you take a left out of the gate and then swing a right past Yorkshire Pride 2 you’ll be down in town in no time. Take a left and carry on and you’ll end up down at the beach. Because of the one way system I wouldn’t bother with a taxi unless you are going to one of the theme parks, you’d be quicker walking down to the main shopping and bar areas in Benidorm.

Overall then we really enjoyed our stay at the Levante Lux apartments. They were exactly what we were expecting, good sized apartments where you are very much free to suite yourself. If you’re looking for onsite entertainment, waiter service by the pool and restaurant choices within falling distance of your room then you’d probably be better looking at one of the hotels in Benidorm, there are plenty to choose from. For those just looking for comfy apartments close enough to the core of Benidorm you’ll not go wrong.


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  1. Courtney on January 19th, 2017 3:48 pm

    Good Afternoon,

    I have customers due to stay with you at the Levante Lux apartments 13/06/17.
    Reservation name: Mr Gary Kempster

    I would just like to request a cot in the room, this may have been done already although I would just like to check this, as my customers are concerned. Also are the 1 bedroom apartments very spacious? as they are worried about not having much space during their stay.

    I would just like them to have the best room possible please. I understand requests are not guaranteed although it would be greatly appreciated by myself and my customers.

    Thank you and Kind regards,


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