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In this part of our guide to cruise holidays we look at the Mediterranean…

A Mediterranean cruise is without doubt the most varied type of cruise available. With a over 120 ports, and 17 countries dotting the Mediterranean coast, the combinations of places you can visit are endless, and can last one week, two weeks, or more!

More than 50 companies offer cruises along varied routes in the Mediterranean. Some specialize in Western Mediterranean cruises, focusing on ports around Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco and France. There are even companies that cater to those who want to visit the Eastern Mediterranean, which include countries like Croatia, Greece, Turkey, or even the Middle East.

Popular specialty Mediterranean cruises include those that tour the North African countries, or the islands of Malta and Cyprus, or the area of the Greek Islands. It’s also possible to arrange a cruise that will let you take in most if not all of the Mediterranean countries, if you’d like a longer vacation.

Culture, history, ancient monuments, fabulous cities, breathtaking views and romantic islands are all close by on a Mediterranean cruise. The Western Mediterranean is home to the world-renown Manzanilla sherry of Cadiz, the classic white Andalucian villages of Southern Spain, the cultural hub that is Barcelona, and of course the French Riviera.

Cruising along the coats of the Italian peninsula is a popular way to view such cultural and historical sights as Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii, and the fantastic city of Rome. On a Western Mediterranean cruise you’ll also be able to visit the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, which have their share of delights. Cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean will reveal to you the spectacular Croatian coastline and the city of Dubrovnik before heading southeastward toward Greece and its classical islands. If you only visit the Palace of Knossos while in Crete, that one historical site is enough to make the entire trip.

And of course, there is the holy city of Jerusalem – a deeply rooted city that can easily be reached by both ports in Israel – Haifa and Ashdod – while cruising the Middle East. Port Said in Egypt is a great place to visit also. Port Said provides access to the world famous Suez Canal, which takes vessels into the Red Sea and onwards in to the Arabian Sea.


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