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Do you know what a great service consolidator airfare concept offer us? Not many of us know what happen behind the scene although we may have taken good advantage of consolidator airfare schemes! So simply speaking, it is the consolidator airfare rates that makes all budget traveling possible.

An airline consolidator is also known as a bucket shop. The bucket shop acts as a middle man that buys bulk amounts of tickets from the airlines. Then, the tickets will be sold over to travel agencies. In other words, consolidator airfare is based on wholesale rates. Therefore, they are by law, prohibited sell off the tickets directly to public. That is why you often find discounted rates at travel agencies than at airlines.

Consolidator airfare concept is a brilliant idea where budget is concerned. After all, it allows 3 layers of business hierarchy to earn money while providing the cheapest rates for their clients. So if you have been wondering the logic behind this seemingly illogical tactic of consolidator airfare, now you know the story!

Most online portals such as Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz act as the third layer of the business. So the rates you see up on their sites are not consolidator airfare rates. In this business, it is almost impossible to travel at consolidator airfare prices because every business layer works towards their profit. Even aggregator portals such as sidestep, FareCast and kayak do not show consolidator airfare rates because it is simply unfair to break travelers’ hearts when the travelers can never get tickets priced at actual consolidator airfare rates. Consolidator airfare rates usually apply to international destinations rather than to local. The reason is that airlines gain a bigger margin of profit from international air travel services than local services. Therefore the airlines are able to offer effective consolidator airfare rates without having to compromise on their finances too much.

The secret behind all consolidator airfare rates is that they deal with a large number of businesses with the lowest margin which at the end brings them profit as equally as other agencies which sell airfares for a higher price but does only a little business. Ever since the consolidator airfare concept was born, most travel agencies struggle to offer competitive rates. This concept introduced a new dimension of competition to travel agents. The end result was that the advantage was given to the travelers. So you can now decide to travel to any corner of the world for competitive airfare rates. Isn’t it great?


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