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17th June – The Journey Home

Very sad. Last day on the boat today. We decided to book ourselves into the spa for the day. Not a great deal to say really. Too sad. Had my last Sunweaver ice-cream and dip in the pool.

Matter of waiting now until our time is called and we are called to get on our coach.

Flight back was HORRENDOUS!

First of all, we were not put sitting together. We were all put in aisle seats. Then I got asked to move by the air hostess because the person booked to sit in the middle “preferred the aisle”, SO DO I – I muttered under my breath. But then I had a brainstorm. Me and Paul could swap, the man could have Paul’s aisle seat, his wife could sit in the middle and Paul could have the window – result. So we did that….

But in the meantime, another air hostess had managed to get this guy and his wife a better seat, so me, Paul and Laura were told to sit together. We did this. Then the first hostess said that we could not sit there and that we needed to go back to our original seats because a lady needed to sit in A & B…… But this is my “original” seat, I insisted. Then she started being really offhand and I just got dead annoyed and said “look this is my ORIGINAL seat, just tell me where you want me to go, and I will go”

So, I stayed where I was, Paul had to go back to his first seat, as did Laura. And then this great big fat woman came waddling over. I felt dead sorry for her. It must have been very embarrassing, having everyone look at her like they were. We were given forms to fill in about customer service, so Thomas Cook got a right ear-full on my form!

Got to Gatwick only to find my suitcase being chewed up by the conveyor-belt! The only shining light was staying at the Sofitel again!! Even nicer room. Those beds are massive and so comfy. Nipped out the next morning and bought a lovely suitcase courtesy of the Baggage Loss Insurance.

Get home to find there are no taxis so phoned dad and he came to pick us up. The kitchen and bathroom have flooded in our absence.


Happy Days!!


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