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Would you like being high in the air? This might be cheaper than you think with an ultralight airplane. Ultralight flying offers the chance for people who are not mega wealthy to own their own aeroplane and take to the skies.

There are many different meanings for ultralight aircrafts. Mostly, they are considered to be a small airplane with just the 1 seat. Some people consider 2 seater planes to also be classed as an ultralight airplane.

There are also microlight planes, these are often considered to be even lighter than an ultralight plane. I do not think it is a good idea to think too much about the the definition. It is much more fun thinking about actually flying one in the sky.

You are probably aware, normal airplanes are horrendously expensive and completely out the question for everybody, except the extremely wealthy.

One thing you can do to make flying cheaper is to build the ultralight airplane yourself! yes it sounds nuts, but it is not as hard as you might think.

There are ultralight air plane kits available to make building an ultralight plane relatively easy, anybody can do it.

Building an ultralight aircraft is very similar to meccano, perhaps you remember doing this when you were a kid.

I know when I first looked into ultralight plans, my initial concerns were those of safety. I thought, “If I build it something will snap whilst i’m in the sky”. There are hundreds of checks you can do to make sure everything is safe.

Thinking realistically, the price of an ultralight aircraft kit is going to be five figures. Starting at the $10,000 mark and going up.

You will need a lot of spare time to build it. Realistically its going to take you upto a full year to complete if you did it in your spare time.


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