Is there anything for you to worry about on your next plane flight? Bookmark and Share

Everyone has pondered about whether or not people should fly. But why would we have been given the intelligence to create these massive flying machines.


Aeroplanes have been the fear of many travellers; some people won’t even fly at all, but is this an irrational fear? If you really want to think about it, the odds of being in a plane crash are ridiculously low. Lets look at it this way; you have a 0.0002% chance of being in a plane crash!! And as for driving, you have a one in four chance of having a car accident in your life time. On planes, the amount of safety equipment is immeasurable, there so muchdesigned to look after us.


So for those people scared of being in Planes, are they also scared of being in a car? This does not make much sense, when you look at the odds the plane seems the safer option. Flying to Caribbean holidays is always looked forward to, as long as the air con above your seat works. Just becuase you dont physically control the plane, remember the people at the front of the plane have some training, they know what they are doing. This is nothing for you to really worry about, otherwise they wouldn’t let people fly. And if you haven’t been on a plane before, then go now, the sun is shining and the weather looks great for this summer.


If you want some ideas of where to go on your first holiday abroad, then why not take a plane on holidays to Tobago, the cricket nation. Or there is always St Lucia holidays, now also a popular destination for weddings, what better way to spend your first holiday abroad.



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