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It is a question that has been asked a thousand times before, (and more), since the Wright brothers first took to the air. Such questions have only increased in number since the terrorist attacks in the US nearly a decade ago. When asking, “How safe is it to fly?”, the simple answer is, “Extremely.”

Searching on the Internet for aviation statistics, you will find many pointing to how flying is the safest form of transport. It is estimated, that you have a one on eleven millions chance of being involved in an aircraft accident. The odds of you being severely injured or, god forbid killed, are slimmer still. Conversely, your odds of being killed on the road are just one in five thousand.

This is true for the discount airlines too. Whilst their fleets maybe older than the major airlines, as more profits are being made, newer craft are being added to the fleets.

Far bigger than any problems airlines experience with flying, when answering questions of, “How safe is it to fly”, is coping with how people with a fear of flying react. We should perhaps take more time to look at how infrequent air disasters are, and how in depth the media’s coverage is of them. As the twenty-four hour news culture continues, it can be easy to lose sight of just how rare an event is.

How people react to a fear of flying is important too. More flights have been stopped over US airspace in the last decade due to antisocial behavior, than any safety concerns. Most of these have been related to drink, often used to calm nerves. Airlines are now spending many millions on special programs for the nervous flier, in an attempt to reduce these expensive diversions.

Whatever mode of transport you choose to take; be it plane, bike, car or the old faithful: the foot, there is always a risk. Worrying about such questions as, “How safe is it to fly?”, will not make things any better. Far from it!


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  1. Capt Tom Bunn LCSW on June 11th, 2009 4:48 pm

    In the past few years, the airlines have gone from one accident per million flights to one accident per five million flights.

    But if it were one accident in fifty-million flights, anxiety would still be a problem.

    The problem is the image of that “one” lingers in the mind and presents the question, “Is that going to be MY flight?”

    Most people handle this pretty well, but not everyone. There is a lot of good information on beating fear of flying in the free library at

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