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We are not long back from a Caribbean cruise on the Norwegian Escape leaving from the Port Of Miami. As always when we travel on these ships I like to test the internet connection to see what is and isn’t viable for somebody like myself who has to be web enabled. Having been very impressed with Royal Caribbean, shocked by how poor P&O were I was eager to see how my first experience on a NCL ship would compare.

How Fast Is The Internet On Norwegian Escape?

In a word, not very, the attached Speedtest result was the BEST I got. In fact plenty of times the process wouldn’t complete (more on this later). Whilst in theory those speeds would be more than fine for e-mail, internet browsing and basic media streaming the standout figure is the ping. Please keep in mind that this was all done standing next to the door on our 14th floor balcony stateroom. So whilst the speed may seem acceptable it is the connectivity that is the issue here.

Norwegian Escape Internet Speed

Can I Get Wifi In My Stateroom On The Norwegian Escape?

Yes and No. You will get a signal however it will be very poor and intermittent. I had my Wifi signal tester with me and as you can see from the first screenshot that whilst it could pickup the NCL Escape signal it was right at the lower range. To give you an idea in terms of a standard Wifi signal strength display you are talking hovering between 1 bar and zero. Wedging the door open and standing right next to it (the second screenshot) did improve things a little bit…a maximum of 2 bars. This is on an Android tablet with a very good Wifi aerial, my Sony Xperia was a complete dead loss anywhere in the stateroom. The whole “it’s connected”, “it’s not connected” palava, combined with paying by the minute (many of which were wasted waiting) meant that the Norwegian Escape internet connection was not something you could rely on from your stateroom. The experience was more reliable from the public areas on the lower decks bu that’s not what most people buy a package for?

Norwegian Escape Wifi Signal In The Room

Norwegian Escape Wifi Signal Door

How Expensive Is The Internet On The Norwegian Escape?

All of the above would be bad enough if the internet was being supplied on a budget, however this is where the nastiest surprise comes in. When we traveled in March the packages looked like the screenshot below! Everything is by the minute and the CHEAPEST offering works out at $0.50 a minute! From our experience it could take more than 5 minutes to bring up your first web page! In any other location except a cruise ship there is not a chance in hell people would pay for this service.

Norwegian Escape Internet Package Prices

So in conclusion then the Norwegian Escape internet was a really poor experience all around. Even basic web surfing was so intermittent that frustration would soon boil over in to rage. E-mailing was possible if you were happy to wait (at your own expense) for an item to eventually leave your outbox. Streaming was a total no go. I have heard that NCL are planning on upgrading some of their fleet with a better internet offering, as far as I’m concerned it can’t come soon enough.


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