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There are going to be some obstacles placed in our ways when we prepare to go on our holidays, and it’s not the environment. Although the environment could probably use a break from cruise ships and planes, it’s not because the world is coming to an end that we are going to have difficulty travelling.

Mr Brown knows that his end is near and he will inevitably axed, and will have to return to a dark hole, so he wants to leave us all with some presents. Gordon, would like to give us some extra taxes and fares to pay, to maybe try and stitch us up a little more. So up go taxes. There is going to have to be some names made up for this, and I am more than happy to suggest “Brown Taxes”. So this is going to cost us, the average person an inordinate amount of money, in fact for four people to go to Florida, will cost an extra £180, so that’s an extra £42.50 each. Now if you ask me that is quite a bit of cash.

However are you still one of those people saying, well its only £42.50…. There is a surprise for all of you, the price is going to dramatically increase each year. This means that each year it will go up. So next November it will be an extra £240 (£60pp) and then the following year would take it up to £340 (£85pp). Maybe this means that only holidays to Spain or something are OK? Unfortunately not, although the prices won’t go up quite so much, there will still be an increase. However it means holidays to America are going to be somewhat more expensive, so does this mean that America will see a drop in Tourism form the UK?

What’s the use in arguing these things though? But we as people of the UK are not allowed to help make decisions? St Lucia holidays, Barbados holidays let’s not forget weddings abroad, wave good bye to them all, it’s going to be a dull next few years.


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