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Have you ever been on a holiday cruise before?  I haven’t, although it is something we have discussed several times.  According to many holiday industry experts there are a lot of people like us and 2008 is the year when Cruise holidays are going to become very popular.

There are a number of reasons why a holiday cruise is appealing to us.  First of all and perhaps the most important consideration for a lot of people is that the price of cruising has come down a huge amount.  This now makes it a viable alternative to your 1-2 weeks in a Hotel in Spain holiday.  Secondly for a family like ours it seems that children are now more readily accepted on cruise holidays.  The old image of a bunch of pensioners dithering around a boat is fading quickly, of course as more children start to appear on cruises then it becomes more likely that even more will want to go.  A large part of the consideration of us going anywhere is to think about if our daughter will have other children to play with.  After all it is her holiday as much as ours and we wouldn’t want her getting bored, for all our sakes!

Yet another great thing about Cruises is the idea of seeing more than you would from your average holiday.  We are not huge sight-seers but we do like to see new things.  By booking a multi-port cruise it can almost be seen as having multiple holidays in one.  It sounds funny but as somebody who was brought up around the sea you also get a different perspective on things from a boat.  Things that you take for granted from the shore can often look spectacular from the sea.

So there are lots of reasons to think about booking a cruise holiday this year.  The only niggling doubt that remains for us is the food.  It’s a silly doubt really considering the number of cruises happening around the world at any one time, but all it takes is one over blown news report of food poisoning to put a doubt in place.  Either way if we don’t get the chance this year we’ll certainly be going next year.


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